THE SLIGHT EDGE REPORT provides analysis, interpretations, and curated links about current events to help determine the future.

“Who is wise? One who can tell what will be hatched from the egg that has been laid. Not he who can see the future - that is a prophet. Wisdom is seeing tomorrow’s consequences of today’s events”

THE SLIGHT EDGE REPORT makes its member smarter about external events and cycles of time.

Recognize when external events will affect your business or life.

Interpret events without emotion.

Learn to see clues in the present that foreshadow the future.

Watch for patterns.

Understand how to use the cycles of life to determine other trends

Be open to God’s concept of time and seasons

For juniors, THE SLIGHT EDGE REPORT is an educational tool that is written in a way for you to understand and apply.

You will receive A REPORT - monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.

We accommodate group subscriptions. Email for detail: We also have special rates for students with ‘.edu’ email addresses.

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